Twitter'd for 2008-01-04

by sbh on Friday - 4 January 2008

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  • Trying to decide if Flock is too ugly to use. #
  • Would love to get a twitter widget working for sbh* ( #
  • Can’t figure out what’s for dinner…and it’s 9pm. Nat should come home and help me. #
  • discovering that Alex King’s "Twitter Tools" is just the ticket! #
  • I am now beginning my search for dinner in earnest. #
  • I am trying to channel the insomnia into some creativity. Good luck to me, eh? #
  • Insomnia channeled. Pages written. I turn in for the night. #
  • Sitting down to a fresh pile of work #
  • is jamming to Blind Willie Johnson. Guts and gravel! #
  • I am no longer working for the weekend. The weekend works for me. #
  • I am looking at ma.gnolia right now. Anyone use this? #

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