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by sbh on Thursday - 1 January 2009

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Back in October, I wrote a series of posts about my experience at the Austin Film Festival. The Festival was fantastic because it really kick-started the creative process for me. I spent several weeks in a good mode.

However, all good things come to an end. The holidays began, and I was derailed.

The creative process here really starts and stops with a little writing group that was created back in August. Every Thursday Night (hence the title of this post), I get together with my wife, and our friend, James, to discuss various projects. Originally, we said: “Hey, let’s just get together and work on some creative projects.” I really thought that this would mean short stories for me. I was wrong. James and Natalie have a real passion for visual storytelling, and indeed it has infected me. We started writing short films. The fun at the Austin Film Festival reinforced this desire in us, and I don’t think we’ll look in any other direction anytime soon.

h2. Where are we?

At any given time, we’ve got three or four projects up in the air. Our most promising one right now is a project tentatively titled “The Alcoholic” (great title, right?). The idea and most of the script are the handiwork of Natalie. We feel like the script is kind of done, but I’m sure it needs some tweaking. Beyond this, I’ve got a coming of age “story in pictures” that I’m working on, and James has two very interesting ideas that he is working on that both stem from a notion of finding oneself.

h2. Now what?

So, we’ve got this script in hand. Now what? This is actually the part that I get most excited about. When I write a story, I’m usually too critical of it to allow a bunch of other people to read it. The idea of sending any of these into a publisher is just silly. Why would someone want to read this drivel?

With a script, however, my urges are totally different. I want to get together gear and actors and go to a location and get it done. That sounds fun to me. I’ve spent hours researching what sort of gear we’ll need to shoot Natalie’s script. I’m excited to do it.

I’ll hit this blog with another post in February letting you know where we are on that…

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