sbh* has a new theme — maybe you noticed

by sbh on Saturday - 2 August 2008

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In case you didn’t notice, I’ve decided to go with a new theme here on sbh*. Here’s a link to the Modio by Upstart Blogger.

“Why the new theme?”

I’m glad you asked. The more I looked at the old theme, the more crowded it felt. I have a desire to be simple, and I felt like my theme should reflect that. Modio is nice and clean, compact too. Very little fluff.

“What don’t you like about the new theme?”

Great question. I’m not a huge fan of the rollover menu on the left. I might get rid of that in favor of something else. I’m not sure. To be honest, I haven’t really checked out the CC license for Modio. Hrm.

“Will you please stop messing with the look of your blog?”


I hope you all enjoy the new theme. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things here and there for a while.

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