Progress Update for 12/29

by sbh on Saturday - 29 December 2007

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Read some more of Stephen King’s On Writing. Thus far, it’s a really engaging read. He has offered a few great insights which I think I will take to heart. Most important is his discussion of routine. King finds it extremely important that the writer have a place to shut himself off from the outside world. The writer should attend this place daily and work (a very blue collar sort of labor for King) at the craft from the safety and solitude of this space. For me, that space is, at least for now, the office with some older music playing–either jazz or blues–and a cup of green tea.

King also thinks that the writer should set himself a quota for a variety of reasons. First, because it keeps your butt in the chair working. Second, because it creates a false sense of pressure. We tend to do our best when pressured a little bit.

So, I have created a schedule on the calendar for writing time. Now, all of this time won’t be spent writing, but a good chunk of it will. A lot of that time, however, will be spent reading and updating this journal. So, perhaps “research and writing” would be a better title. Still, I think I’ll stick with “writing time.”

Today, I got more progress done on “Execution.” I rearranged some stuff a little bit. Essentially, Heath is now heading out to the Cartwrights’ place to see if he can figure out Poor Bill’s motives. Lucky for Heath, Salome has intercepted and accompanied him. I’ve left off just as he and Salome arrive. I want to think about this for a bit and attack it tomorrow (or later today, if I get a wild hair).

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