Progress Update for 1/7

by sbh on Tuesday - 8 January 2008

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The End

Been a while since we had a good ol’ writing progress update.

I completed the first draft of “Execution” tonight. I know it needs a good bit of work. At 30 pages (printing as we speak), and just shy of 8,000 words, it can probably use a good deal of cutting. Still, a draft is a draft. I do have a few concerns, though.

First, I fear that the hero, Heath, is too passive. Thinking back over the story, I feel like he’s doing more reacting than acting. This could be a problem. I don’t want to write the sorts of stories where people just hang back and let crap happen to them. I want to write the sorts of stories where people get into a mess and then get themselves out of it.

Second, the most interesting character to me doesn’t appear until about halfway through the story. This particular character is the sort that I think could really fuel a novel in various ways. So, if nothing else, “Execution” may have just served to introduced me to this character. We’ll see…

Third, I have standard fears about style and consistency. It’s a first draft, and, of course, some parts will be written better than others, and the style may waver here and there. I just hate that. I want it to be perfect write out of the printer. But, I must resign myself to the reality that it will not be. It’s OK to rewrite! In fact, it’s preferred.

So, my plan is to stash this one away for a few weeks and let it germinate. I’ll revisit it then and decide how much effort should be put into it. In the meantime I have two or three ideas that I’m thinking about. Which one to start with? Tomorrow will tell…

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