Progress Update for 1/1

by sbh on Wednesday - 2 January 2008

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Picked up some new books today over at Half Price. I started reading Postcards by Annie Proulx. Her first two chapters have managed to ensnare me, I must admit. I get a Grapes of Wrath feel from the setup. We’ll see where it leads.

More progress on “Execution” today. Things didn’t come easily, though. I got in 1,200 words fairly quickly, but in my mind it was a struggle.

The biggest demon I often battle is self-doubt. It’s funny that I should be embroiled in self-doubt today. Currently, I’m working my way through The Best American Short Stories 2007. This morning, as I was reading a story (which will remain nameless), I thought to myself: “I’m at least this good.” Perhaps this is an arrogant thing to think. But, even if I’m wrong, confidence is a must.

As I was writing tonight, I kept thinking: “This isn’t good enough.”

I have to remind myself: “It’s not supposed to be.” This is just a first draft. We’ll finish it up in the next day or two, put it in the drawer, and then revisit it in a few weeks. That will be the time to decide how it measures up. For now, I just need to get the thing out.

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