Perspctv(.com) on the 2008 Election

by sbh on Saturday - 2 August 2008

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I will whole-heartedly admit that I am apathetic when it comes to the U.S. political scene. As the 2008 election draws near, folks have asked me whom I support. My response: “Don’t know. Either way, I still have to vote for a politician.” Voting for a politician just doesn’t sound that fun to me…

Part of me would like to vote for Obama. I like the idea of a real image changer — someone who can come in and get the “U.S. Empire Building” monkey off our backs.

Part of me would like to vote for McCain. Time and time again he seems to act as a little maverick, doing whatever he thinks is right (I realize that this is probably an over-generalization).

Amidst all of this indecision, I was looking for a little perspective, or Thankfully, Jeff Croft, provided me with the link via his ma.gnolia. is a sweet mashup that illustrates the differences in media coverage between Obama and McCain. Not only that, but it shows you the latest poll results, with a comprehensive electoral map, and provides running feeds of recent tweets (for those who are Twitter-savvy), blog posts, and news pertaining to the two frontrunners.

It may help you make a decision. It may not. At the very least, it’s an interesting statement about media coverage and how it effects an election. It would be interesting to plot poll data on a line graph to see how the mentioning of candidates names during a news cycle affects what people on the street are thinking.

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