New Year's Resolutions

by sbh on Saturday - 5 January 2008

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Mi hermano, Scott, put up a list of New Year’s resolutions. I’ll do the same.

h3. Personal

* I’d like to top 3,000 miles on the bike this year.
* Hand in hand with the previous, I’d like to get down to my fighting weight: 170 lbs. That’s a little less than 1 per week!
* Alway working on that temper.

h3. Professional

* I will average about 6,000 words of fiction per week. That’s about 300,000 words — roughly 1,200 pages of writing. That’s the plan.
* -I will advance my programming skills, particularly in the area of web apps. The goal will be to finish a web app. I am particularly interested in my Bike Journal application (see personal goals above!).-
* I will post 300+ times to this blog.

h3. Other (Pipe Dreams)

* I’d like to buy a Nintendo Wii.
* I’d like to find contentment in the stuff I have.
* I’d like to help Natalie on her new dieting adventure (she’s hoping to cut the prescriptions she’s taken for years by going to an organic, near-vegan diet).
* Daily prayer (so hard for me).

h3. Update

3 March 2008 — I launched an internal web app for my company to track its tower sites. So, I reached that goal. I have now begun work on the bike journal app (partially because my “premier” trial at “BikeJournal”: has expired).

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