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by sbh on Tuesday - 21 April 2009

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Some of you may be aware of the fact that I am one of those crazy people who dresses in spandex and rides a bike down busy thoroughfares. While my main goal has always been to tick off motorists, I have discovered that there is also a healthful benefit to be gleaned from this insane activity. Now, armed with a G1 and all of its Android-y, Google-y goodness, I can keep even better track of my cycling habits.

My Tracks is an app that takes advantage of the G1’s GPS to automatically record statistics for and create maps of your movement — no matter whether you are traveling in the car or on a bike or on your favorite pair of running shoes! All you need is a reasonably clear view of the sky so that the GPS can talk to the satellite. In addition to that, My Tracks can automatically upload this data to Google Docs and Google My Maps for you. Here is a look at today’s map:

View 20090414-Cycling in a larger map

And here is a look at today’s stats:

Distance: 34 miles
Total Time: 02:50:33
Moving TIme: 02:12:02
Avg Speed: 11.96 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 15.45 mph
Maximum Speed: 30.2 mph

The GPS also records elevation data and charts that against time. However, I don’t trust that data. According to My Tracks, I reached -331 ft yesterday…that seems pretty far below sea level for southeast Houston.

My only other beef is that I’ve had trouble uploading my map to Google My Maps the last two days. The only issue this has created has been that a link has not been recorded in my Google Docs spreadsheet for My Maps the last two days. This will probably annoy me if it persists, but the benefit outweighs these minor issues. Hopefully the GPS stuff can get worked out so that elevation will work a little better…then I’ll be a super happy guy!


The first leg of the MS 150 was canceled this year due to weather. However, the second leg (from La Grange to Austin) proved challenging for me. Unfortunately, My Tracks failed me! Here’s the map it produced:

View Crazy MS 150 Map in a larger map

And here are the stats it spat out at me:

Distance: 652.81 miles
Total Time: 06:55:05
Moving TIme: 05:59:50
Avg Speed: 94.36 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 108.85 mph
Maximum Speed: 398.24 mph
Minimum Elevation: -29,558 ft
Maximum Elevation: 59,964 ft


Here are my real stats from my bike’s computer:

Distance: 77.97 miles
Time: 06:10:06
Avg Speed: 12.6 mph
Maximum Speed: 37.7 mph

Not bad for my first trip through crazy hills!

Here is the real map:

View 2009 BP MS 150 Challenge Route (Day 2) in a larger map

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