Lightsmith (aka Jeremy Owen) Gets His Blog On

by sbh on Saturday - 16 February 2008

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p=. Impressionistic Backyard

Previously, “I posted about my friend, Jeremy”:, who is a super-cool rocket science nerd, Young Life leader, father to a sweet little baby girl, and quite the “amateur” photographer. I put quotes around “amateur” because I would gladly buy some of his prints[1]; thereby, rendering him a _bona fide_ pro!

Jeremy has decided to supplement “his personal site”:, and “Flickr site”:, with a little WordPress photoblog: “Lightsmith Labs”: I’ve featured one of his photos above from a post called “Impressionistic Backyard”: — pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.

I think you’ll agree that Jeremy is a talented and creative guy. Leave a comment or two on his blog!

h3. Notes

fn1. No doubt Jeremy is reading this post wondering why the heck I haven’t bought any prints. It could be that I’m cheap. It could also be that I have no control over my home’s decor.

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