Day 16 Temptation Averted

by sbh on Wednesday - 23 January 2008

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Cow & Pig

As many of you know, Natalie and I are tackling what would seem to many like an insurmountable task: *veganism*.

“What?!?!!?” you say, “The great BBQ pirate goes veggie?”

Yes. We have some good medical reasons for doing so, which I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say that we are all about being healthy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Is there?

So, a few nights ago (Day 16 of this grand experiment), we were at our friends’ house. They had cooked up quite a spread. We had told them about our new restrictions, and they obliged by serving the various courses in meatless and dairy-less ways. Though everyone around us was happily munching on items that contained cheese, beef, and sour cream, we happily went about diggin’ on our greens.

Toward the end of the meal, our hostess was very concerned that we had not gotten enough. Really, we’d had plenty. But she held a plate of salad in front of me and said: “Stephen, it’s the last of the salad–go ahead and have it.” Atop the salad were little white strands of what appeared to be delicious cheese.

“Is that cheese?” I asked.

“Yeah, but just a little bit–you’ll be fine.”

At this point, Natalie chimed in: “Go ahead, Stephen.”

But I stood firm: “No, thank you.”

Slopes are slippery enough without being paved with yummy, delicious cheese. I knew from past experiences that having that little bit of cheese would eventually lead to worse fouls. Suddenly, within a week or two, I’m gorging on burgers and ribs. No, no, no — ’tis best to avoid the slippery slope and remain on good ol __terra firma__.

The grand experiment is going well so far. We’re 18 days in. Honestly, each day is easier than the day before. Plus, I’ve lost 6 lbs — and that ain’t bad!

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