Classic X-Files: Season 9

by sbh on Thursday - 24 July 2008

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If you’ve come this far, congratulations. Unfortunately, you won’t be richly rewarded for your efforts. Season 9 is not very good. Honestly, I own the DVDs just for the sake of completeness. As I’ve said before, I like Doggett and Reyes, but everything going on around them just feels muddled. It might have been better to remove Scully and Mulder from the show entirely and start a-fresh. It doesn’t matter now!

9abx08: Trust No 1
Terry O’Quinn makes his return! As yet another character, O’Quinn, a total stranger, convinces Scully that Mulder, who is in hiding, may be dead.

9abx17: William
A terribly burned man leads Scully to believe that he may be Mulder. The strangeness that ensues causes Scully to make a very difficult decision about the safety of her child.

9abx19-20: The Truth
This is it, kids. The series finale. Nowhere to go beyond this. Whether you like it or not doesn’t matter.

That completes my review of the X-Files. You should be primed now to watch the new movie tomorrow night! And now I can get back to real life…

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