Classic X-Files: Season 6

by sbh on Friday - 18 July 2008

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For me, Season 6 is one of the stronger seasons of the X-Files. However, it is in the stand-alone (aka “Monster of the Week”) episodes that this season really shines for me. So many of them are full of variety, humor, and light-heartedness. While, at the same time, some are just plain creepy.

6abx01: The Beginning
The end of Season 5 saw the X-Files office burned to the ground. The end of the movie gave us a promising telegram to the Smoking Man indicating that the X-Files were being reopened — a triumph for Mulder and Scully. Right? Wrong. “The Beginning” opens up with an FBI panel (where is Blythe Danner?!?!) taking the X-Files from Mulder and Scully and giving them to Pendrel and Fowley. But, you know Mulder, he’s not going to go for that, and Scully’s going to follow him.

6abx03: Triangle
Mulder kisses Scully! Sort of. This is a fun episode because it was shot with all steadicam. So, it features these long meandering shots through the S.S. Queen Ann and FBI Headquarters. But the real fun is Mulder expressing his true feelings for Scully, and Scully’s unexpected reaction.

6abx10: S.R. 819
Skinner is taken to the hospital for what seems like a concussion incurred during a boxing match. However, Mulder and Scully think that he’s been poisoned. A mysterious phone call tells Skinner that he has only 24 hours to live.

6abx09: Tithonus
Scully is teamed up with an ambitious new partner, Agent Ritter. When Scully’s need to find the truth comes into conflict with his ambitions, Ritter threatens to bring Assistant Director Kersh into the mix. All of this tension revolves around one of my favorite X-Files characters of all time: Alfred Fellig.

6abx11: Two Fathers (I)
The rivalry between Mulder and Spender heats up when Cassandra Spender, an alien abductee, is returned and asks immediately for Mulder. In the end, the wickedness of one cast member will be confirmed.

6abx12: One Son (II)
The first time I saw this episode, the end came as a total surprise to me. This episode leaves you wondering where the conspiracy/mythology arc will go from here.

6abx15: Monday
The worst Groundhog Day ever! Mulder and Scully constantly relive a day in which a bomb goes off in a bank. A good idea, with some really great moments.

6abx13: Arcadia
OK, not the greatest storyline here, but don’t you want to see what Mulder and Scully would look like as suburbanites? Here they go undercover as just that…

6abx18: Milagro
I am drawn to this episode for a few reasons. One is that it’s a nice Scully character study. Another is that it deals with a writer and the power of imagination. “Milagro” makes me think, probably as much as any other episode.

6abx19: Three of a Kind
We revisit the plot of Season 5’s “Unusual Suspects” and get another Lone Gunmen focused story. It’s a good episode, but, honestly, I’m including largely because I know some out there are curious to see what an intoxicated Dana Scully looks like…haha. Comic gold!

6abx22: Biogenesis (I)
When a mysterious artifact appears on a beach in Africa, Mulder and Scully become involved in an investigation into the murderous trail it leaves behind. All the while, the artifact seems to be having some strange effect on Mulder’s brain.

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