Classic X-Files: Season 1

by sbh on Friday - 20 June 2008

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The new X-Files movie will be released July 25th. In my attempt to prepare for this event, I’ve been going back through the television series, bookmarking my favorite episodes. Hopefully, I’ll get all of this done before the 25th — we’ll see.

Here’s the crop from Season 1:

1×79: The X-Files (Pilot)
Mulder meets Scully. What more do you need? How about alien abductions in the Pacific Northwest? Or Mulder examining a scantily clad Scully? How about the Smoking Man lurking in the background? Classic X-Files right from the start!

1×01: Deep Throat
The events of this episode introduce important X-Files themes: conspiracy, the strong arm of the government, teenage potheads in love. This episode also marks the first appearance of Jerry Hardin as “Deep Throat.”

1×02: Squeeze
Of all of the villains that were spawned by the X-Files, none were quite as creepy as Eugene Victor Tooms.

1×07: Ice
If it weren’t for a lack of budget, this would easily be one of the best episodes in the whole series. This episode pits Scully against Mulder as they work with a team of scientists to try to understand what happened at an arctic research station.

1×09: Fallen Angel
The first appearance of Max Fenig. Deep Throat sends Mulder to the site of a mysterious crash near Lake Michigan.

1×10: Eve
Easily one of the creepiest episodes from the first season. Mulder and Scully are put on the case of two murders that have occurred at the exact same time, with the exact same cause of death, but separated by 3,000 miles. What links the two murders is somewhat surprising.

1×11: Fire
I think this episode is worth watching just to see Scully get riled by the return of one of Mulder’s old flames: Inspector Green from Scotland Yard.

1×12: Beyond the Sea
I really couldn’t say enough about this episode. Probably one of the best hours of television ever produced. Scully becomes “open to extreme possibilities” after the death of her father. But open enough to believe that incarcerated serial killer Luther Lee Boggs (played to extreme effect by Brad Dourif of __Lord of the Rings__ fame) has psychic powers?

1×16: E.B.E.
This classic UFO conspiracy finds Scully as interested in the possibility of an EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) as Mulder. Deep Throat is back, but not all is what it appears to be. Additionally, this is the first appearnce of Byars, Langley, and Frohike — aka “The Lone Gunmen.”

1×20: Tooms
The return of Eugene Victor Tooms makes for a good episode, but “Tooms” really makes the list because this is the first time that the agents come under the jurisdiction of Assistant Director Skinner.

1×23: The Erlenmeyer Flask
The classic Season 1 Finale left the audience hanging for the summer with series of twists over the last few minutes that’ll knock your socks off. A good episode, only to be continued.

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