Classic X-Files: Fight the Future

by sbh on Wednesday - 16 July 2008

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After the fifth season, the powers that be decided that they could cash in on the X-Files franchise by creating a movie. Fortunately, the movie ties in with the overarching conspiracy/mythology plot. Unfortunately, there are some retreads so that the newbies can get up to speed. I understand that. But I don’t care. I’m a loyal fan.

At any rate, as a movie The X-Files: Fight the Future (as it is now called…”fight the future” was originally just the tagline) is pretty good. If you think of it as a super-episode, however, it’s even better!

What bothers me about the movie? Not a lot. I would be kind of annoyed if I was Nicholas Lea (Alex Krycek) or any of the other periphery characters who didn’t get a chance to play on the big screen. But, other than that. Can’t complain. It’s just a super-episode.

Now on to season 6…

Gotta get through this so that I can move on with my life!

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