Blogging My Trip — What To Do?

by sbh on Wednesday - 30 April 2008

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Soon I will be posting, in some fashion, about my recent trip to Big Bend National Park. It was a fun little adventure, and I’m trying to determine exactly how it should be blogged.

On the one hand, I took my trusty moleskine with me, and I’m tempted to just transcribe that, with necessary editions (and additions, for that matter). However, it might seem strange or boring.

On another hand, I could just write up a little narrative of my trip, complete with photographic evidence of many of the little facets of that story. This appeals to me — it works my narrative bones.

On yet another hand, I could just post photos with captions and attempt to tell the story photographically.

What to do?

I think I’ll definitely cut out the third option. Hanging with “Jeremy”: and “Natalie”: for the weekend definitely proved to me that I am an inferior photographer. I was amazed by some of their shots (which are, as I understand it, in the post-process phase now). We were shooting the same stuff, but the eye behind the lens makes all the difference. Technical chops (I understand the science behind photography fairly well) is no substitute for talent, practice, and vision.

So, we’re back to just having two hands — which is more comfortable anyway. To post the moleskine or not?

Unsure at this point. I will say that I invested in a new soft cover moleskine (different from the buff colored ‘skine that I had blogged about earlier). I love it. It’s a little bigger and more durable than the small, brown ones. But, it’s not as official or nice feeling as the traditional moles.

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