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CoLA Call; RS LoL

by Stephen Hebert on Friday - 20 November 2009

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I graduated from the University of Texas College of Liberal Arts (UT CoLA) in May 2004. As an alumnus, I am occasionally contacted by the college in the hope that I will give them some funds. Unfortunately, they are usually unsuccessful.

Last night, as I was driving home, I received a call from a young man who is currently a sophomore at UT. He was hoping to accomplish two things: (a) he wanted to update my contact information, and (b) ask me for some money.

Here is a transcript of a portion of our conversation:

CALLER: It says here that you graduated from the University of Texas in 2004. Is that correct?

HEBERT: Yes it is.

CALLER: And your degree was in Religious Studies.

HEBERT: Yes. I was a double major in Religious Studies and Classical Civilization.

CALLER: Very cool.

HEBERT: I think so.

CALLER: And…are you currently using your degree?

HEBERT: Yes I am.

CALLER: Really?! HOW?!?!?

At this point, I broke down laughing. This young gentleman was so incredulous that someone in this economy was actually able to use a degree in Religious Studies!

I don’t blame him…

As for the financial gift —well, maybe in a better economy. You know I love you, CoLA!

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