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Blogroll Removal Announcement

by Stephen Hebert on Friday - 11 May 2007

in This and That

Sadly, I’ve decided to remove an item from my blogroll:

The Skeptical Christian 

I have a love-hate relationship with this site. First of all, it has one sweet looking design. I like it a lot. Second, it has some really interesting content.

So why remove it from the blogroll? The folks over at SC are in deep need of some feed cleanup. Every morning I open up the ol’ feed reader and find a dozen posts from the Skeptical Christian. I am so excited, until I realize that their feed was republished (I assume) and it’s just the same thoughts and book reviews reappearing over and over again in my inbox.

I hope the folks over at the Skeptical Christian fix this soon…it really is an interesting site.

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