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Strange Unicode Issue on Intel Mac

by Stephen Hebert on Friday - 13 July 2007

in Technology

blacbookI took delivery of a new Macbook (the Blacbook) Monday. Since then, I’ve been working to get everything setup just how I like it (the thought of just copying over a Home directory sounds boring. Plus, this way I get a chance to keep things clean—as if that’s going to last).

First off, this thing is freakin’ cool—and I must say that I look smokin’ hot while sittin’ at the driver’s seat. HOWEVER…there are a few issues.

For my money, the Intel version of OS X seems to be a bit buggy. I’ve had strange things happen with signatures in Mail, Calculator has crashed, and, most disturbing of all, unicode keeps giving me issues. Because I do a lot of typing in Greek (and a little in Hebrew), unicode is absolutely imperative.

For the first several days, it was impossible to get this thing to show a final sigma (ς) in a web browser. I have several unicode fonts installed (such as Lucida Grande and Gentium). But these weren’t working. I contacted Joe Weaks over at the Macintosh Biblioblog. He ran me through a couple of ideas, but nothing seemed to work.

While all of this was going on, my little sigmas started working in other applications. I could now type them in Word and Mellel. Then they started popping up just fine in Safari. Still, Firefox and Camino (my browser of choice) were not working properly.

This morning, I woke up and logged on to Withering Fig, only to find final sigmas a-plenty being displayed by Camino.

What is going on?

I’m not going to complain, since things are working now. I’m not even going to investigate the issue further for fear of upsetting my volatile little blacbook. I am just going to go on my merry way and chalk it up to the Intel gremlins. I have clicked off the item in my OmniFocus that says “Fix Greek characters…unicode is being poopy…” — it is no longer an issue.

Anyone else had Intel gremlins?

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