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Opening Pandora's Box

7 March 2008 Uncategorized

Web apps are in. I’ve spoken a bit about them in the past (e.g., in my post about “Fluid”:http://www.heberts.net/~stephen/reviews/app-review-fluid-site-specific-browser-aka-ssb, which, by the way, has seen a lot of development over the past week). Today, I’d like to highlight a music service called “Pandora”:http://pandora.com, which has really altered the way I listen to music over the […]

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App Review: "Fluid" Site Specific Browser (aka SSB)

22 February 2008 Reviews

Lately, I’ve been using a fantastic little OS X app called “Fluid”:http://fluidapp.com/. Essentially, this is a freestanding, lightweight, WebKit-based browser that can be used to dupe you into thinking that your favorite web apps are actually desktop applications. p=. I’ve been using Fluid for about three weeks now, and just thought I’d offer up my […]

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