OmniOutliner — My Usage

19 January 2009 Uncategorized

Most who know me and know Macs, know that I love software put out by the “OmniGroup”: Their applications are smart, sophisticated, totally Mac-ified, user-friendly, and a host of other descriptive but over-used adjectives as well. Specifically, “OmniOutliner”: and “OmniGraffle”: are pretty much daily applications for me. In fact, OmniOutliner almost never closes. This article […]

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Tools: Scrivener

11 June 2008 Reviews

scrivener __noun historical__ a clerk, scribe, or notary. ORIGIN Middle English : shortening of Old French escrivein, from Latin scriba (see scribe). Thank you, __New Oxford American Dictionary__ that came bundled with my Mac. Scrivener isn’t just some __noun historical__, it’s also a smashing piece of writing software from the folks at Literature and Latte […]

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Romancing the Notebook

14 April 2008 Uncategorized

Man, I’ve gone through a drought. Perhaps not a drought of epic proportions, but I do feel like Israel waiting for Moses to tap on that rock. More than anything, I’d like to break out of this drought and get back into the glorious habit of writing daily. I’ve produced practically nothing for a couple […]

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App Review: "Fluid" Site Specific Browser (aka SSB)

22 February 2008 Reviews

Lately, I’ve been using a fantastic little OS X app called “Fluid”: Essentially, this is a freestanding, lightweight, WebKit-based browser that can be used to dupe you into thinking that your favorite web apps are actually desktop applications. p=. I’ve been using Fluid for about three weeks now, and just thought I’d offer up my […]

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