Tools: Scrivener

11 June 2008 Reviews

scrivener __noun historical__ a clerk, scribe, or notary. ORIGIN Middle English : shortening of Old French escrivein, from Latin scriba (see scribe). Thank you, __New Oxford American Dictionary__ that came bundled with my Mac. Scrivener isn’t just some __noun historical__, it’s also a smashing piece of writing software from the folks at Literature and Latte […]

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App Review: "Fluid" Site Specific Browser (aka SSB)

22 February 2008 Reviews

Lately, I’ve been using a fantastic little OS X app called “Fluid”: Essentially, this is a freestanding, lightweight, WebKit-based browser that can be used to dupe you into thinking that your favorite web apps are actually desktop applications. p=. I’ve been using Fluid for about three weeks now, and just thought I’d offer up my […]

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