Writer's Block? Self-Doubt? Here's What I Do…

29 January 2008 Uncategorized

It’s a bit of a frustrating time for me. Superficially, some of this has to do with my n00b “Ruby on Rails”: skills and having very little knowledge of “AJAX”: (you might notice an increase in Rails-related bookmarks in my ma.rked on “ma.gnolia”: posts). OK, we’ll get over that for the time being. Breathe deep–let’s […]

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Progress Update for 1/1

2 January 2008 Uncategorized

Picked up some new books today over at Half Price. I started reading Postcards by Annie Proulx. Her first two chapters have managed to ensnare me, I must admit. I get a Grapes of Wrath feel from the setup. We’ll see where it leads. More progress on “Execution” today. Things didn’t come easily, though. I […]

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