February Progress

29 February 2008 Uncategorized

This month saw my efforts on this blog gradually slow. Not surprising, I suppose. This is in keeping with my M.O. when it comes to these sorts of things. February, however, was not at all uneventful. Finished up a story, started work on editing another, and ultimately came to a decision that I had at […]

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Progress Update for 2/21

21 February 2008 Uncategorized

I have not produced one of these progress updates in quite some time. This has little to do with productivity, however, and more to do with a shift in focus. While it’s easy to write brief entries about new material being produced, it is more difficult to write about the process of rewriting which has […]

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Progress Update for 1/31

31 January 2008 Uncategorized

Yesterday I posted about what I call “writer’s block”: — which, admittedly, might be a little different from what you have experienced. My solution was pretty simple: Move On. So, today I did that. I got my thousand words in nice and easy by moving to something new. My new project is a short story […]

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Progress Update for 1/23

23 January 2008 Uncategorized

h4. Update Only half production tonight. I had left a scene for “Without Vision” uncompleted during my last writing session. I finished off that scene, putting me at what felt like a very natural stopping point. Unless the story grows outside of its current walls, I don’t expect it will be more than a few […]

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Progress Update for 1/14

14 January 2008 Uncategorized

Yet another progress update for those who are following along. h3. Story Stuff After a weekend of fun in Austin, I got back to it tonight, putting down a little over 1,000 words for a story that is, at least in the short term, called “Lacking Vision”–or some such thing. I hope to accomplish a […]

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Progress Update for 1/1

2 January 2008 Uncategorized

Picked up some new books today over at Half Price. I started reading Postcards by Annie Proulx. Her first two chapters have managed to ensnare me, I must admit. I get a Grapes of Wrath feel from the setup. We’ll see where it leads. More progress on “Execution” today. Things didn’t come easily, though. I […]

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Progress Update for 12/30

30 December 2007 Uncategorized

Finished up On Writing. Certainly I’m on my way to bestseller land now! In all seriousness, I found King’s “memoir of the craft” empowering. While many may malign King for being a writer of “genre fiction,” his book sales speak for themselves. The guy knows how to write. Is he a one-trick-pony? Perhaps. But, it’s […]

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Progress Update for 12/29

29 December 2007 Uncategorized

Read some more of Stephen King’s On Writing. Thus far, it’s a really engaging read. He has offered a few great insights which I think I will take to heart. Most important is his discussion of routine. King finds it extremely important that the writer have a place to shut himself off from the outside […]

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