Embracing Ambiguity

24 December 2009 Arts

Recently I was watching an Art 21 episode that featured American photographer Sally Mann. Mann is probably best known for her 8×10 glass plate portraits of her children as they grew up (my personal favorite being “Candy Cigarette” pictured at right). As Mann worked on photographs of rawhide dog bones, she attempted to describe what it was that she loved about the project (which to my art-dumb eyes seemed rather odd). During this interview, Mann said something that really struck me…

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Thumbnail image for LWI Photo Feature: Like a Child

LWI Photo Feature: Like a Child

9 December 2009 Ministry

My lovely and talented wife, Natalie Hebert (check her website out) has a photo feature and an article featured at Living Water International’s (LWI) website. The photo spread and the article were created during her recent trip with LWI to Guatemala. Check it out: Photo Feature: Like a Child

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Big Bend Photos Now Available

1 June 2008 Uncategorized

I know that I’ve really dropped the ball with this whole Big Bend blogging deal. I was hoping to have stuff up weeks ago, but I was swamped by photo work for “Natalie”: That’s pretty much done now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back on some sort of writing schedule. Anyway, the three of […]

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Blogging My Trip — What To Do?

30 April 2008 Uncategorized

Soon I will be posting, in some fashion, about my recent trip to Big Bend National Park. It was a fun little adventure, and I’m trying to determine exactly how it should be blogged. On the one hand, I took my trusty moleskine with me, and I’m tempted to just transcribe that, with necessary editions […]

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Lightsmith (aka Jeremy Owen) Gets His Blog On

16 February 2008 Uncategorized

p=. Previously, “I posted about my friend, Jeremy”:, who is a super-cool rocket science nerd, Young Life leader, father to a sweet little baby girl, and quite the “amateur” photographer. I put quotes around “amateur” because I would gladly buy some of his prints[1]; thereby, rendering him a _bona fide_ pro! Jeremy has decided to […]

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Lightsmith (aka Jeremy Owen)

7 January 2008 Uncategorized

I just wanted to take a moment to highlight the work of my good friend, Jeremy Owen. By day, Jeremy is a flight controller (or some such thing…rocket surgeon) working for the United Space Alliance. However, at night, and on weekends, he emerges from his geeky cocoon to become a more-than-capable photographer. In fact, I […]

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