February Progress

29 February 2008 Uncategorized

This month saw my efforts on this blog gradually slow. Not surprising, I suppose. This is in keeping with my M.O. when it comes to these sorts of things. February, however, was not at all uneventful. Finished up a story, started work on editing another, and ultimately came to a decision that I had at […]

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Progress Update for 2/21

21 February 2008 Uncategorized

I have not produced one of these progress updates in quite some time. This has little to do with productivity, however, and more to do with a shift in focus. While it’s easy to write brief entries about new material being produced, it is more difficult to write about the process of rewriting which has […]

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Why You Should Or Shouldn't Blog Your Novel…

27 January 2008 Uncategorized

“gapingvoid”: has “an interesting little post about novels and blogs”: Here is his customary business card cartoon (which cleverly accompanies every post): Honestly, the cartoon hooked me into the article. This toon could be the subject of many blog posts (and may very well be), but for now I’d like to consider gapingvoid’s post. Essentially, […]

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