AFF2008: Films in Review

24 October 2008 Uncategorized

I thought I’d go ahead and post a list of each film that I saw this year at the Austin Film Festival. I’ve divided this into two very broad categories: “Shorts” and “Features.” Here goes: FEATURES I only saw a few features, largely because I just wanted to see shorts! Here are the three that […]

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REVIEW: "W." (movie)

17 October 2008 Reviews

This evening, I had the pleasure of seeing W., Oliver Stone‘s new biopic about George W. Bush. The premiere had been Wednesday in New York, and Stone screened it at the Austin Film Festival on Thursday with James Cromwell (who is perhaps nine feet tall!) in attendance and fielding Q&A after the movie. I’ve got […]

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REVIEW: "Into the Wild" (movie)

18 August 2008 Reviews

Into the Wild should be commended for where it takes our main character. The journey to that end, however, may easily become the focus of attention for many viewers.

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Classic X-Files: I Want To Believe

28 July 2008 Uncategorized

This officially wraps up my loooong series of X-Files related posts. I realize that the X-Files is out of the purview of this blog. However, as my favorite television show, and a show that has always made me think, I felt it appropriate to go ahead and do all of these posts. So, I’m glad […]

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There Will Be (another viewing)

26 January 2008 Reviews

Today, Natalie and I saw “__There Will Be Blood__”:, a “P.T. Anderson”: directed morality play for the 21st century. The film pits all the wonderful intensity of a “Daniel Day-Lewis”: performance against the odd realities of early oil prospecting and zealous religious fanatics in turn-of-the-century western United States. I freely admit that when the credits […]

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Wrapping Up 2007

2 January 2008 Uncategorized

Now that we’re more than a full day into 2008, I suppose it might be a great time to take a look back at 2007. Here are some personal thoughts that sort of some up the year (NB: I stole this idea a bit from Jon Hicks of hicksdesign). Music By far, the most important […]

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Juno & Imagery

31 December 2007 Uncategorized

Natalie will be going away on a ski trip for five days without me. So, we decided that we should do dinner and a movie, always a good thing. The only movie we could agree on was Juno, a dark-ish comedy about a quirky 16-year old who gets pregnant and has to face the realities […]

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