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Report from “Corinth in Contrast: Studies in Inequality”

1 October 2010 Biblical Studies

As I type this, I’m laughing at Ronald Stroud, an older gentleman and professor of Classics at UC Berkeley, who has a knack for asking insightful questions with lovely (and humorous) rhetorical flourish.

Dr. Stroud is just one of the presenters at “Corinth in Contrast: Studies in Equality”, a conference hosted by the departments of Classics, Religious Studies, and the Institute for the Study of Antiquity and Christian Origins (ISAC) at the University of Texas at Austin.

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At the Austin Film Festival (@AFF2008BBQ)

16 October 2008 Uncategorized

A Ramsey Brothers film has been selected for inclusion in the Austin Film Festival. The festival starts today (Oct. 16, 2008), and I’m lucky enough to have a Producer’s Badge through my efforts on “The Interrogator.” The Festival conference (panel discussions and whatnot) look quite interesting. Most sessions are really geared toward writers, which means […]

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