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Codex Redesigned

by Stephen Hebert on Tuesday - 28 July 2009

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Tyler F. Williams, an Assistant Professor of Theology at The King’s University College in Edmonton, has had one of the better biblioblogs out there for sometime now. (In fact, you can find him in my blogroll). Recently, Tyler launched a fabulous site redesign. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and a real pleasure just to stare at for a while.

Codex (Biblical Studies site by Tyler F. Williams)

Codex (Biblical Studies site by Tyler F. Williams)

Codex is an excellent place to find all types of information about the Hebrew Bible, Biblical Hebrew, the Septuagint, etc. Being a movie buff, I am particularly fond of his section on the history of the OT on film. Beyond all of that, Tyler has some excellent thoughts on various Bible Software packages that are out there.

I would say that his best resource is probably the OT Commentary Survey. Williams has created a grading system by which he evaluates various commentaries on each book of the OT (no Apocrypha, though, as far as I can tell). Essentially, this survey gives the user a quick idea of what type of commentary they are looking at. Is it geared for pastors or for scholars? Or perhaps laity? Consider it a rich bibliography of OT commentaries.

I highly encourage you to go check his site out, bookmark it, and subscribe to his feed. Codex is truly a helpful resource.

Thanks, Tyler!

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