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The Manga Bible

by Stephen Hebert on Tuesday - 20 February 2007

in New Testament

Manga Bible CoverThe Manga Bible

Thanks to the folks over at Retrophisch, I have been alerted to The Manga Bible. Is this the perfect translation I’ve been waiting for all my life? (I’ve written about choosing bible translations before).

So, what can we learn from a manga Bible? First, what is “manga”? As I understand it, “manga” is Japanese for “comic.” Outside of Japan “manga” typically refers to Japanese comics.

Without having an opportunity to look at it, I am guessing that this is basically a picture book for adults. Analogous to the pictorial “Bible Stories” books that a lot of kids grow up with. Only, instead of the nice western European looking Jesus that we are all familiar with—this is a manga-inspired warrior Christ. You can see some spreads here (PDF).

Will I pick this up? Maybe. Just as I think something like The Passion of the Christ is worth watching (if only to see one artists rendition of the Gospel), I think this might be worth reading. If nothing else, you get a peak into one person’s interpretation of the Gospel. Could be interesting.

The author, Siku, has a little “about me” sort of page on the site. I skimmed through it and found some interesting information.

Currently, only the New Testament is available, but the Old Testament is in progress.

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