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Hypotyposeis: New Ending to the Gospel of Mark?

by Stephen Hebert on Tuesday - 20 February 2007

in Biblical Studies, New Testament

Hypotyposeis: New Ending to the Gospel of Mark?

Stephen Carlson of Hypotyposeis has posted an article about the discovery of some more New Testament material amongst Oxyrhynchus papyri.

The discovery comes from three BYU professors who have used a technology called “multispectral imaging” to penetrate layers of dirt and wear to help define previously obscure markings.

Here’s a chunk from the article from BYU NewsNet:

Specific material in these texts include an unidentified Christian apocryphal Gospel, a new ending to the Gospel of Mark, a different version of two verses in the book of Philemon, and a missing section in Luke 22:43-44. In the King James Version, these verses in Luke talk about Christ shedding blood in the Garden of Gethsemane.

That is some really interesting news. I am especially curious about this unidentified apocryphal Gospel, and this “new ending” to Mark. What could that mean? Is it somehow associated with Mark 16:8–20? Or is it totally different?

I’ll keep an eye out…


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