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Harvard Posts Papyri (Huzzah!)

by Stephen Hebert on Friday - 14 December 2007

in Biblical Studies, New Testament, Technology

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been able to update Withering Fig. “What could have possibly brought me out of my Salinger-like public coma?” you ask. Well, images of papyri, of course!

Goodacre, over at the NT Gateway, has called my attention (via his excellent blog) to some new images of papyri that Harvard is making available. Here’s is Goodacre’s post:

Harvard Papyri Online

I must say that the quality of these scans is quite good. During my 18 months on Harvard’s LDI (Library Digital Initiative) Project (, I was always pleased with the images that we were putting out. It looks like the folks in charge of this project have done superior work.

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