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Tuesday Round-Up (7-17-2007)

by Stephen Hebert on Tuesday - 17 July 2007

in Daily Round-Up

Here she is, fresh off the press, another steaming pile of interesting links from the last 24 hours:

  • Iyov offers up some links to Harry Potter references in various blogs. The new book is out this weekend. The wife and I have a long bus ride to Colorado (roughly 24 hrs). Should we buy two copies?
  • Lingamish offers some alternative opinions on the joys of biblical languages: “Greek, Hebrew and the Joy of Sex.”
  • Another Biblical Studies Carnival is coming!
  • I love stuff like this. Peter Head at Evangelical Textual Criticism has posted about Some F.C. Burkitt Manuscripts in Tyndale House. I have always enjoyed learning about other scholars. I sometime read through the letters of C. S. Lewis. Dr. Eldon J. Epp (who teaches as a visiting professor at Harvard) frequently makes notes about other scholars in his classes. In fact, every time he knows he’ll be mentioning a certain scholar, he brings in a photograph: “This is what Westcott and Hort look like…”
  • Michael Halcomb interviews Josh McManaway! I’m taming my envy…

I think that’ll do ‘er for today. I hope you folks find something of interest here. I’m closing down shop until tomorrow (in theory).

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