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Thursday Round-Up (7-19-07)

by Stephen Hebert on Thursday - 19 July 2007

in Daily Round-Up

Thor’s Day. Full of links. Full of love. Like a hammer from the nordic night, here is your daily dose of bloggy goodness:

  • The “As Barth” poetry finalists are over at The Fire and the Rose. Vote for your favorite!
  • Ben C. Smith at Thoughts on Antiquity has an interesting post on “The Physical Appearance of Jesus.” Thought it is not mentioned and is only tangentially related, it reminded me of the story of Abgar of Edessa who had a portrait of Jesus painted from life (according to The Teaching of Addai.
  • Mark Goodacre (of NT Gateway fame) has posted the results to the “What is your favorite introductory Greek grammar?” poll. It looks like Mounce is the favorite. I learned
  • April DeConick questions some post-colonial jargon: “Hybridity, the new buzz word.” I too question the use of “hybridity.” In reality, I question the use of post-colonial theory in early christian studies. Is it a useful framework? Or are we cramming square pegs into round holes? [I stole that question from my comment on DeConick’s blog…]
  • David Lang, one of my favorite posters at the Accordance Blog, posts an entry on the Better Bibles Blog regarding Romans 8:33–34: “Answering a Question with a Question.” His take on these two verse is interesting. He is absolutely right to say that the answers to the questions, as translated by most, are awkward. What do you think?

Well, that wraps up Thor’s Day. I hope you’ve had a smashing good time with these links!

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