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Thursday Round-Up (08-02-2007)

by Stephen Hebert on Thursday - 2 August 2007

in Daily Round-Up

Linkiness for you to enjoy:

  • Taking a page from Donald Miller, Darren at Why Faith admits: “Christians do bad things.” Darren, a Christian himself, apologizes for these, but raises the interesting point (also raised by Miller): “What has that got to do with the truthfulness of Christianity?”
  • Suzanne McCarthy over at the Better Bibles Blog has been rolling through 1 Corinthians with her teacher, Gordon Fee (a good guy to roll with). Here’s her latest installment: “1 Cor 7.8.” 1 Corinthians 7 is particularly perplexing for me. I hope to follow along and learn a thing or two!
  • Tim of SansBlogue has an interesting little post about the state of academic publishing: “Now Why is This News?”
  • Ben Myers of Faith and Theology is asking folks to comment on what he is calling “theological allegory” in the most recent Harry Potter book: “Theology with J. K. Rowling.” I’m not done reading it yet…so I won’t read the comments. You can let me know if they’re worthwhile!
  • Peter Head draws my attention to a new article by one of my favorite professors: “Epp on ‘A Variant-Conscious Approach to New Testament Textual Criticism.'”

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