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Thursday Round-Up (7-19-07)

19 July 2007 Daily Round-Up

Thor’s Day. Full of links. Full of love. Like a hammer from the nordic night, here is your daily dose of bloggy goodness: The “As Barth” poetry finalists are over at The Fire and the Rose. Vote for your favorite! Ben C. Smith at Thoughts on Antiquity has an interesting post on “The Physical Appearance […]

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Wednesday Round-Up (7-18-07)

18 July 2007 Daily Round-Up

So, it’s another Wednesday. What can be said about Wednesday? Well, these excellent posts happened: Metacatholic posts on the new revision of the ESV. Folks here know that I’m an ESV fan, but Metacatholic raises some good points: “ESV — an Exceptionally Strange Version.” Biblebending has an amusing little post about biblical action figures going […]

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Tuesday Round-Up (7-17-2007)

17 July 2007 Daily Round-Up

Here she is, fresh off the press, another steaming pile of interesting links from the last 24 hours: Iyov offers up some links to Harry Potter references in various blogs. The new book is out this weekend. The wife and I have a long bus ride to Colorado (roughly 24 hrs). Should we buy two […]

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Monday/Weekend Round-Up (7-16-07)

16 July 2007 Daily Round-Up

Here are some articles from Monday and the weekend: Check out the Knoxville cable situation at Old in the New: “Cruel Creative Punishment.” John Hobbins sings praises of Wikipedia, but also recognizes its shortcomings: “Wikipedia, Bible Study, and the SBL.” Jim West offers a response to this here. Dave Black continues his look at anabaptists: […]

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Friday Round-Up (7-13-2007)

13 July 2007 Daily Round-Up

Today, I am instituting a new feature: a daily round-up of interesting links. These are just articles and links that I found interesting for that day. Don’t take it personally if you are or are not included! This is just my way of spreading the link love! Prompted by Christopher Heard, David Lang at the […]

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